Premiere: The Winter Sounds HIP Spotlight

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September 5, 2017
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HIP Picks- The Weekly Client Roundup- Thursday 9/7
September 8, 2017
The Winter Sounds - HIP Spotlight
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The Winter Sounds - HIP Spotlight

Earlier this summer, we brought you The Winter Sounds‘ video for “Heartbeats.” It’s a delightful song that begins like a lush, indie-pop ballad before going into a dance beat backed with brass. The video was filmed in Estonia, where frontman Patrick Keenan goes to school, yet The Winter Sounds actually call Nashville home. The video is at times dreamlike and surreal, as we see Keenan in bed in a farmhouse; and at other times breathtakingly real, as we see him wander through the crisp landscapes of Viljandi, Estonia.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Keenan for this HIP Spotlight interview. It was fascinating to gain insight on how living in Estonia has inspired him musically and creatively, and what it was like working with director Zbanski Kino. We think you’ll enjoy learning more about The Winter Sounds, and the creation of the “Heartbeats” video, in this HIP Spotlight.

Watch our HIP Spotlight with The Winter Sounds and the “Heartbeats” music video below!