Check it out: Ankit Love “Spill The Milky Way” & “Why This Kolaveri Di” Music vids

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April 28, 2014
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Ankit Love is an artist who, through his two videos for “People Are My Favorite Thing” and “Beethoven Burst,” has taught us two things about himself; he likes to have a good time and he likes to look good doing it! With his two new videos for “Spill The Milky Way” & “Why This Kolaveri Di” he ups the ante even more and delivers what is sure to continue pushing his notoriety to a whole new level and audience.

In “Spill The Milky Way,” he’s ironically come back to earth. Figuratively speaking, at least. He’s also narrowed down his affections to one stunning beauty in particular. Operating in the shadowy underworld, Ankit and his lady cruise the streets of Barcelona in a killer Shelby Cobra, pulling off a heist of beautiful diamonds that would make any diamond their envious. He’s soon showering his lady in dazzling diamonds, and one pink diamond in particular. In the heat of the moment, and perhaps as a symbol of the ability to commit to one diamond amongst many, she throws the diamonds off the ledge of the villa. All of them except one; the massive and beautiful pink diamond of both of their desires! This clip is sexy and infectious, and one not to be missed!

“Why This Kolaveri Di” was originally performed by Indian performer Dhanush from the psychological thriller film, 3. Paying homage to his Indian heritage, Ankit has taken it upon himself to cover the song, putting his own spin on it. It’s a classy clip capturing the recording of the song. From the first note, the beat hits hard while Ankit trades off vocal responsibilities with Amit Bhojwani and Egija Zviedre, mixing soaring melodies with a smooth rap delivery, all coming together into a song that will thump your bass and move your feet! Click here for Ankit’s artist page on